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    Mistress of the pen
    Esther’s daughter. Fanny Bumey, was a prolific
    writer. She published her first novel, Evelina, or the
    history of a Young Lady’s entrance into the World,
    when she was 26 and Instantly became famous.
    Another novel – Cecilia – followed before Fanny
    became assistant Keeper of the Robes to Queen
    Charlotte, but the long hours on her feet made her ill
    and she resigned. She married late – at 41 – the
    French emigre, Q oner а I оГАгЫау. and went with him
    to Franco where, despite the danger, she continued
    to write her eyewitness reports In the midst of the
    Napoleonic Wars. They had a son, Alex, who became
    a brilliant mathematician.
    Fanny kept a diary all her life. Her writing gives a
    candid insight into life during the reign of George III
    (who is said to have once chased hor round the
    room). Her honest and straightforward approach to
    reporting on the events she was living through earned
    her much respect back home. She lived to be 80.
    Fanny Burney’s works are still regarded as literary
    classics. If you are Interested in reading any of her
    writing, here are some books that you should be able
    to find in your local library.
    Camilla: A picture
    ol youth
    Oxford University Press
    Other books
    about Fanny
    Cecilia: Memoirs ol
    an heiress
    Oxford University Press
    The history ol
    Fanny Bumey
    Joyce Hemlow;
    Clarendon Press
    The young
    Fanny Вито у
    Winifred Gerin; Nelson
    The Journal* ol Fanny
    Bumey, Volumes 1-10
    Clarendon Press
    Fanny Bumoy
    Judy Simons; Macmillan
    Diary ol Fanny Bumoy
    Roger Ingram
    Fanny Bumey
    Sarah Kilpatrick;
    David Charles
    The early diary ol
    Fanny Bumey
    Goargo Boll
    Or Johnson and
    Fanny Bumey
    Bristol Classical Press

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